What to do with pumpkin carvings

pumpkin carving

The pumpkin carvings is the most famous attribute of Halloween. It is a hollow pumpkin with a picture of a face carved on it and a candle inserted inside.

Such pumpkin is also called the “Jack-o’-lantern. The legend tells of a drunkard Jack, who twice deceived the devil and after death, not allowed into heaven or hell, was forced to wander the earth, lighting his way with a smoldering charcoal.

This is why the pumpkin usually depicts various faces with an intimidating smile on them. Although some people prefer to carve other drawings, such as ghosts, witches, animals, characters from movies and cartoons, and even elaborate art compositions.

What you will need

First of all, find a nice one without much damage.

You will need a sturdy knife for cutting. If the drawing is complicated, take several pieces of different sizes. You can clean the insides of the pumpkin with a large spoon.

A felt-tip pen or pen will come in handy for drawing. You may also need a drawing template. Here are some classic and non-standard options:

Many more different options can be found and downloaded here and here. If you decide to use the pattern, you will need scissors, tape or stationery buttons and a needle.

Also prepare one or more candles and a lighter or matches. Instead of real candles, you can use electric candles if you wish.

How to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

Cut the top off the pumpkin. To make no mistake, you can draw a circle on top that you need to cut in.

In a circle, cut out the pulp of the pumpkin.

Take out the cut part.

You can remove the top a little differently. Cut it at an angle, piercing through the pumpkin and cutting in a circle. Remove the top and cut off the pulp:

pumpkin carving

Don’t throw the top away, you’ll need it.

Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and any excess pulp. The pumpkin should be empty on the inside. If the walls of the future lantern seem thick to you, scrape off more pulp from the inside.

Draw triangular eyes and nose, a mouth stretched out in a smile and some teeth on the pumpkin.

A felt-tip pen or pen will come in handy for drawing. You may also need a drawing template. Here are some classic and non-standard options:

If you decide to make a light fixture using a template, first print out the one you like. Then there are two ways to use it. One: Cut out the details on the template, attach it to the pumpkin with tape or buttons, and circle the holes. Here’s a video tutorial:

Second way: attach the template to the pumpkin and go over the edges of the pieces with a needle. Should leave a noticeable dotted line. After these lines for convenience, you can trace with a felt-tip pen or pen. Accelerated master class:

  • Begin to cut along the outlined lines.
  • Throw away the cut part. You will no longer need it.
  • In the same way, cut out the other parts you drew.
  • Place one or more candles inside and light them.
  • Put the previously cut top on top. The candle is now ready.
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