Design antiques home art

antiques home art

Designing an antiques home can be a fun and rewarding experience. There are many different ways to go about it, and the possibilities are endless. The most important thing is to have a plan and stick to it.

People have different attitudes toward things “of age. Someone considers them useless and categorically does not agree to keep in their house what was inherited from previous generations. And then souvenirs and old photographs, old furniture and household items, books and albums go to the trash. But often these things don’t make it to the landfill, starting a new life. No matter how they are called – old, vintage, antique – there are many connoisseurs who are ready to pay for such things.

Let’s figure out how to behave correctly if you get things that are much older than you.

Features of antiques home art

The original interior design of a country house or apartment should have its own “zest”. With the right approach, antique furniture will harmoniously complement any room, whether it is a small hallway or a spacious bedroom. For each of the rooms you need to choose the appropriate style and size object.

Complementing the room with exclusive antique things, it is very important to observe the proportions. A large antique cabinet will look ridiculous in a room with a low ceiling. About this should think even before the purchase of various rare things.

In the rooms, complemented by the original antique furniture, special attention is paid to the choice of finishing materials and lighting. It is very desirable that the base surfaces (ceiling, walls) are decorated in pleasant pastel colors. All other elements can be contrasting.

Chic French Style

Creates a beautiful combination of modernity with bygone eras – full of luxury and wealth. Although it stands out for elegance, it is far from the excessive pomp of presentable interiors of the Louis era. The secret of a successful interior in the French style lies in an elaborate eclecticism and a note of nonchalance. What does it mean in practice?

In this type of environment over a stylish oak table you can successfully hang a painting by a famous contemporary artist. And next to the beautiful Louis-Philippe sofa put a minimalist, glass coffee table. Thanks to the skillful combinations of different styles and eras, French interiors are intriguing and inspiring.

The role of antiques in design

Antique and rarity items can become an exclusive decoration of the room. The options for placing antique items vary greatly. Beautiful antiques can be used in the interior of any style. To create a special atmosphere there is no need to fill the entire room with rare things, 1-2 pieces will be enough.

Many believe that antiques successfully harmonize only with the classic style. Carrying out the decoration of an apartment or mansion in other styles, you can also use antiques. Original items will complement the rooms decorated in such popular directions:

  • Provence;
  • art deco;
  • art nouveau;
  • chebby-chic;
  • minimalism;
  • constructivism.

As bright details, you can use both large antique furniture and various rare lamps, mirrors, candlesticks. The advantage can be given to original accessories: different vases and statuettes, patinated frames, caskets.

This antiques have their own history, even a touch of magic. Such things allow you to make the interior of the rooms unique, to create a home comfort.

Bright accents

Classic or modern, any interior needs bright and expressive accents to complete the image. Specialists in design know how difficult it is to choose a detail that will attract the eye and “hold” the space. Antiques are suitable for this purpose as well as possible. An old gilt-framed mirror on the wall of the hall or a carved sideboard next to the functional kitchen will make the most humble interior sing, and the cute trinkets – plates, vases, embroidered beaded cushions, tiny tables or shelves – will turn an ordinary living room or bedroom into a cozy family nest. Here it is important to choose the right size antique “accent” so as not to let it get lost or look unwieldy. And, in order to make the heart of the viewer beat faster at the sight of beauty, it is necessary to choose the right background, which should be as neutral as possible.

Good antiques and when you want to give a special atmosphere, for example, a festive table setting. It is not at all necessary to eat from antique tableware, but a pair of silver candlesticks, an elegant porcelain vase or napkins with lace, nobly yellowed by time, will clearly add charm to any dinner party.

How to use it correctly?

The main rule when working with antiques is contrast. The more contrasts, the more advantageous the rarity object will look. For example, an antique wooden dresser can be combined with a mirror, decorated in a modern style.

Performing decorating the interior of the house with the use of exclusive antique things, it is necessary to take into account several rules. Here are the most basic ones:

For antiques in the interior it is necessary to find a place of honor;

furniture with “soul” successfully combines with objects in a modern style;

For the rest rooms are ideal for a variety of antique tables, couches or chairs;

exclusive objects should be placed taking into account the color sign;

In the interior of one room should not be too many rarity objects.

The most important thing is to feel the “soul” of this or that antique item. The difference between the original antique furniture and modern – its uniqueness, impeccable quality and its “character”.

Old things in the house: to throw away or leave?

First let’s find out why things with history have not only supporters, but also opponents.


  • Supporters of old things are not ready to part with the “aged” objects that surround them. Lovers of antiques have their own arguments.
  • Old things have their value. They are a link between the generations, which remember their former owners. And they are often close relatives of the current owners. And if a grandmother or grandfather managed to keep an item, carry it through all the trials of life, how could they throw it away?
  • Often such items also have a material value. Over the years, as such things become fewer and fewer, their value only increases. So why throw away something that, if necessary, can bring income?
  • Antiques and vintage are necessary in the interior. They make it individual, unlike others. Made with heart, they bring soulfulness and to the atmosphere of the room in which they are. In addition, vintage things in the interior – it’s fashionable!


  • Opponents of antique items have several arguments against leaving them in their apartment.
  • Young people, who are starting to equip their own apartments, want to live in a modern apartment. Such living space, according to young owners, should not only be decorated with new materials or have a modern layout. The style of the interior is also important. Often young people choose minimalism or high-tech, in which, as they think, the old thing will not fit.
  • A lot of people even today do not doubt that objects that surround us accumulate the energy of the space in which they were for a long time. And they can “carry” it to a new place where they live. And what if this energy was bad? Is it worth putting yourself and your loved ones in danger? Isn’t it better to give up old junk, to be sure that you didn’t bring additional negative energy into the house.
  • Often antiques have lost their functionality. Sewing machine does not sew, typewriter does not print, gramophone does not play, the old book is decrepit and ready to crumble. Why do we need things in the house that can not be used as intended?

How to decorate your apartment in Art Deco style?

Art Deco antiques, even if perfectly quilted perfectly emphasizes the beauty of modern interior. The beauty of Art Deco design is best emphasized by luxurious bindings: wooden parquet floors or marble floors. On the walls of the Art Deco interior, it is worth choosing stucco, photo wallpaper or 3d geometric wallpaper. The color scheme of Art Deco is a chic white, no, gray, gold, black, brown, red shades.

Interiors in this spirit have an exceptionally refined, luxurious character, so the main thing in them is the attention to every detail. It is important the lamps of intriguing, modern forms, wall lamps, creating a cozy atmosphere or shimmering, crystal chandeliers. Decorations are also important: long curtains, soft rugs, glass and china or stylish additions in the form of furniture by famous designers or works of art.

antiques home art

An antique piece of furniture in the interior

Antiques are interesting in design because of the lack of boundaries of their use. Many years after production, it can begin to be used in a new capacity. For example, a simple child’s chair from the beginning of the twentieth century becomes a beautiful stand for a vase of flowers or a bedside table.

The peculiarity of products from the past is their high quality. A classic heavy and massive cabinet made of natural wood will look beautiful in any interior.

Excellent fit into the interior and vintage bookcases and shelves with books. They effectively look old or new books in beautiful covers.

Most antique pieces of furniture require almost no additional restoration. Made from natural and quality materials, tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets or beds are remarkably durable. The original antique item is perfectly, even without performing restoration, written off in any style. In some cases, performing restoration takes away the antique’s special style and luster.


American country with its peculiar elegance and respectability goes well with the classics. In American interiors especially highly valued furniture and antiques, passed down from generation to generation, colonial naturalness. Uncomplicated collected American countryside owes its origins to the multinational features of the country, so this is a case where antiques will favorably emphasize the identity and stylistic depth.

When planning to use antiques in room design, it is important to give preference to those that were actually made many decades ago. The flea market often offers such a precious find at an affordable price. If there is no financial opportunity to purchase an antique table or chair, it is better to limit the purchase of door handles from a cabinet made in the early twentieth century.

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