How to design an art studio in your home

art studio

Well, how do you set up an art studio in your home? With a little design savvy, you can turn any small room into an art studio.

Creating a home art studio doesn’t have to be an expensive and complicated project. With our home art studio design tips and storage ideas, you can do your favorite creative work from the comfort of your own home!

The main thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need a large space to have a functional art studio. You can use a bedroom or even a glazed balcony as your creative studio, you can easily transform unused space with these art studio creation ideas!

Use an extra closet

You can move extra stuff under the bed to make room for an easel and folding table. Use shelves to store any art supplies or materials you might need for inspiration!

Choose your art studio table wisely

Whether you’re painting or doing graphic design, a desk is one of the most important items in your art studio. Make sure you have enough room to draw, sketch or design, and a place to put all your tools. Drawing tends to require a lot of materials. Try a wall folding table, it’s perfect for a small art studio in a small apartment!

art studio

Hide extra supplies with a curtain

The space under the table is a great place to store extra art supplies. Hide the clutter in this space by covering it with a curtain. This is an easy way to organize your small art studio and hide the clutter in a small apartment.

Use wire shelving

Wire shelving units are very light and cheap, and come in all different sizes! They don’t accumulate dust, are great for airing, and almost never need to be wiped down. Store art tools loosely on shelves or use baskets to store paper, printer cartridges, and painting supplies.

Take advantage of vertical storage

If your small apartment can only accommodate a small art studio, opt for vertical storage! Perforated boards like these with wire baskets are great for storing paints, brushes, scissors and writing supplies.

Store canvases in wall holders

Canvases are an essential part of an artist’s studio, but they tend to take up a lot of space. Store them in wall racks. You can make this simple project with your own hands. Such a rack for drying canvases can be made of any size.

Use wheeled carts for supplies

Store paintbrush jars, paints, and paper in a wheeled cart. Not only will this storage idea keep all your supplies in order, but it will also allow you to move supplies around the room easily.

Redesign your wine shelves

Use a wine rack to store markers, pens or colored pencils. Wooden racks can also be painted to match the decor of your creative corner. You can place them on a table or attach them to a wall.

Turn a hanging shoe organizer into a place to store canvases and paper

Simply cut out the bottom of a few segments to make room along the length of your materials.

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