How to design home decor art

home decor art

Interior decorating is the final chord of home decor art. The right decorations for the house give it a residential look and fill it with coziness. At the same time, it is cute details like a picture on the wall, a flower on the windowsill or a figurine between the jars with spices on an open shelf that become the bright details that make the decoration unique. When decorating an interior on your own, you need to know the basic rules that will help you create a truly harmonious and pleasing to the eye design. In this article, we will share 10 secrets of perfect decor from designers.

Observe the rhythm

Rhythm is an artistic technique that sets the direction of the eye when looking at paintings and drawings. It can also be applied to apartment interior decorating. Its essence is that each piece of decoration should be combined with something in the room on color or texture. For example, choosing turquoise cushions on the sofa, hang a picture with the image of the azure sea above it or put somewhere near the blue vase. It is desirable that the number of such accents was odd.

Restraint in colors

Choosing the right color scheme is the basis for interior decorating. Use no more than 2-3 colors and their shades to decorate the room, so as not to overload the space. Do not forget about contrasts, because a completely monochrome room looks boring. To add depth to it, pick up contrasting decor. For example, bright textiles or several black decorative objects like candlesticks, vases, lamps, etc. can help to liven up a room with a light color scheme.

home decor art

Ornaments of different size

Selecting ornaments for furniture, trim, textiles or decorations, pay attention to the fact that they are not homogeneous. For example, if you have wallpaper in small florals, then choose textiles with large geometric patterns. Otherwise, from the abundance of small patterns will begin to ripple in the eyes.

Window decor

During the interior decoration of the room, the windows are often ignored, and in vain, because their design has a great influence on the perception of the room. The most stylish option can be called Roman blinds, shutters and fabric roller blinds with a pattern suitable for the design of the room. But heavy drapes or curtains with lurex are better left in the past, they do not go well with modern styles.


There is no better decor than picturesque paintings. They will never go out of fashion and will look appropriate in absolutely any interior – from strict classicism to industrial loft. The main thing is that they should match the general design in style and color scheme.

Paintings open up a wide range of possibilities for decorating the interior with your own hands. Even without artistic skills, you can draw a picture by numbers or assemble a puzzle, and then hang them on the wall.

Also pay attention to the frames. If you place several different paintings in the room at once, choose frames in the same style or color.

Combination of natural and artificial textures

Designers love to use natural textures – they remind us of nature and fill the soul with peace. But in modern urban apartments it is difficult to do only with natural materials. Therefore feel free to combine them with artificial textures and play on the contrast, for example, choose a metal lamp with a fabric lampshade. Especially interesting such combinations in interior decorating will look in the kitchen.

Green friends

Plants look great in any interior, so do not neglect them, furnishing the apartment. But pay attention to their beautiful decoration. Instead of just putting assorted pots with flowers on the windowsill, find them an unusual bookcase or a hanging structure. You can also make them yourself. Here’s how such interior decorating with their own hands looks on the photo.

Less means more

There are situations when you need to approach decorating from the opposite side, that is, to think about what can be removed, and not what can be added. If you start to “drown” in a huge amount of useless decor, then it’s time to do a general cleaning. Get rid of everything that has no sentimental value for you, and you will immediately notice how much easier it becomes to breathe – this is the main principle of minimalism. And instead of a dozen small monotonous souvenirs it is better to buy a couple or three interesting and relevant objects of decoration of a larger size.

If you are a collector and collect, for example, figurines of cats, then allocate for them a separate space like a special showcase, and not arrange chaotically throughout the apartment.

Seasonal changes in decor

In order not to get bored with the décor, it should be periodically updated. Buy several sets of textiles and home decorations and change them every season, for example, giving preference to orange in autumn and green in spring. This way, you’ll always have fresh and current decor.

Storage systems

Things can be stored not only in cabinets and drawers. Very important in the decoration are also all kinds of boxes, boxes, key holders, baskets and vases – elegant things in which you can put different small things. By doing so, the design will look more orderly.

I wonder: what is the difference between an interior designer and a decorator? This is not the same profession, as many people think. The designer primarily works with the layout and functionality of the space, selects the style, general color scheme and decoration. The decorator’s task is to decorate the resulting space, he selects the furniture and accessories, and sets the atmosphere of the house.

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