Art deco home design

Art deco

In this article I will tell you how you can decorate your house in a chic art deco style, what elements are used in each of the rooms and how you can decorate your house and not take another mortgage

The Art Deco style itself is really one of the most complex in the interior and not all designers work in this direction. In addition to the complexity of the design of the space, the Art Deco style is by far the most expensive among other styles.

But in fact it is much more interesting and much more pleasant to buy something of high quality and at the same time for quite reasonable money, as it is not difficult to buy an expensive thing at a high price, in principle, if you have the means. So in order not to eliminate the art deco style from the list, I will try to give you tips on how to decorate your home in this style and inexpensive, as possible

A little history of the art deco style

The Art Deco style itself was created thanks to the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in the distant 1925 in Paris. And the name art deco got as a result of the abbreviation of the name of the exhibition of Arts Decoratifs. Many people call this style a little wrong, namely art deco, but in principle there is nothing wrong with it, because the meaning is the same

The Art Deco style became especially popular in the early 20th century in New York City and today we can see it through the architecture of buildings such as:

  • Empire State Building
  • Rockefeller Tower
  • Chrysler tower

Of course not only these three masterpieces of art deco architecture in New York, but in my opinion they are the most recognizable.

Movies for lovers of art deco

I’ll list movies in which there are interiors in the art deco style, which in my opinion is simply a pleasure to watch or review

  • The Great Gatsby 2013
  • Passengers 2016
  • Titanic 1997
  • Midnight in Paris 2011

One film is better than the other, so I recommend everyone to spend a couple of hours in the atmosphere of art deco, and love of course. And if you watched other movies with scenes in this style, then write in the comments, it is very interesting to see your selection of films

Features of Art Deco style

Art Deco refers to the styles of the classical direction and is clearly different from all other styles. This style is imbued with high price and status, so if you want your interior to look not just expensive, but very expensive, then it is definitely art deco, not baroque and rococo. Despite the fact that the Baroque and Rococo are extremely expensive styles in the implementation, all the same, these styles remained in history and in palaces, and the attempt to recreate them in the interior of the apartment turns into a failed parody, especially if the molding of polyurethane on liquid nails. If you walk into an Art Deco room wearing sneakers and sweatpants with stripes, you can feel very uncomfortable. I haven’t tried it, but I think that’s the feeling I’ll get.

Finishing the walls, floor and ceiling.

Of course historic art deco and modern are a little different and that’s fine, but either way you’re unlikely to step this style with any other

Floor coverings

Flooring in the Art Deco style is most often made of glossy marble, onyx, parquet with different layouts and intricate patterns. But if we are talking about finishing apartments for decent money, then in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens perfectly suited porcelain tile with a large and bold marble or onyx pattern, while the surface of the tiles often used is precisely glossy

In living rooms and bedrooms is most often used parquet, which can have a different layout and complex designs, but in my opinion a very stylish solution would be the layout “French herringbone” without any unnecessary details

Art deco

The walls

Finishing the walls in the art deco style can be absolutely diverse. In living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms you can often find a combination of glossy and matte surfaces, namely marble and wood

In order to apply a similar finish in your apartment, you can use moldings on the walls of the same color as the walls. As a decoration with wood will suit perfectly MDF or chipboard panels with a wood pattern, which you can order according to your size in furniture factories, and such a method can be relatively inexpensive. And as a marble, use ceramic tiles with a large pattern. In fact, the porcelain stoneware on the wall of the living room, for example behind the TV will look very stylish and expensive. Perhaps for someone the use of porcelain stoneware on the living room wall will be too bold, but do not forget that the art deco style is


With the ceiling, things are already easier, in a modern art deco can be found as a completely smooth ceiling, and a complex with multiple levels and lights.

But if you save the budget, you can do with a suspended ceiling, and the main thing is that its surface was matte. If the budget allows, then for complex designs are generally used drywall

In principle, you can not complicate the ceiling, and pay attention to the walls and the choice of furniture with elements of art deco, but again, it all depends on the specific budget


Almost all furniture in the art deco interior has either brass or gold elements. Consider the example of the kitchen, the kitchen fronts can be made in a combination of wood pattern and monochrome surface, both glossy and matte, but the distinctive feature of the kitchen in the art deco style will be the use of brass in the area of handles, plinth and other visible fittings

Also, the kitchen unit itself may be made in a modern style without using brass elements, but its presence in an environment of imitation marble tiles, gold or brass items in other pieces of furniture will perfectly fit it into the Art Deco interior

Sofas, armchairs, kitchen chairs, bedside tables, tables, TV stools most often have either brass legs or handles. The form of this furniture can be both minimalistic and have classical outlines. So almost any chair in a modern version with a brass base will fit perfectly into the Art Deco style.

Of course you can also use imitation brass, in order to save the budget, the main thing is that this shade is present in a particular element.

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